AzatAI brings the power of AIoT with real-life applications

We develop effective AIoT based or general solutions for your tasks, empowering your product with demanded technologies.

About our Machine Learning and IoT software firm.

AIoT nowadays is one of the most demanding and advanced technology among the industry. With our Google and AWS certified engineers, we help to improve and transform your business or projects to the next level.

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AzatAI services & Solutions

Our consultants opt in to the projects they genuinely want to work on.

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Data Engineering

Data is the most valuable asset of AI era. We help you acquire, clean, process, analyse and visualize any data

AI development

We transform your ideas into intelligent results, with real-life applications, you don't need to know AI to use AI.

Digital ecommerce

AzatAI provides ecommerce solutions for your digital products, with protecting your intellectual property.

Internet of Things

AzatAI provides industry leading edge device gateway and communication service using Xlink.

Financial Data Service new

"AzatAI Eagle", AI engine for time-series data analysis, provides one click access to various ML and DL modules.

Enterprise AI and data platform solutions

AzatAI builds real-life practical applications, with continues effort in R&D, assuring the innovation and stability of the technology. AzatAI products and services are famous for its stability and efficiency.

Design and development use latest technology

There is no need for technology that does not bring real benefits. AzatAI provides solutions based on latest application technologies in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Fintech.

Artificial intelligence use in Financial industry

We are about to launch the brand new "Eagle Brain", which uses various artificial intelligence-based data modeling and data analysis functions to allow you to experience the power of artificial intelligence in the simplest way.

We deploy cloud-native AI applications on the cloud.

We help organizations to deploy and use automated or managed machine learning applications on AWS to remove the tax on limited human resources. It removes limitations and access to data and machine learning, allowing all stakeholders to access the program and insights.

Our achievement

"Work as hard and as much as you want to on the things you like to do the best." -- Richard Feynman


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