We're shaping the tangible future of technology.

AzatAI: Spearheading real-life AIoT applications, we're shaping the tangible future of technology. Complementing our AIoT endeavors, we excel in STEM education, financial research, data analysis, and financial literacy programs. Our passion for innovation also drives our advanced tech solutions R&D.

Enterprise AI and data platform solutions

AzatAI builds real-life practical applications, with continues effort in R&D, assuring the innovation and stability of the technology. AzatAI products and services are famous for its stability and efficiency.

  • We are constantly exploring and innovating in this field.
  • We provide solutions that can be put into practice.
  • At AzatAI, information security and personal privacy are inviolable.
  • We seek to maximize the interests of our customers.

Design and development use latest technology

There is no need for technology that does not bring real benefits. AzatAI provides solutions based on latest application technologies in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Fintech.

  • We are pioneers in engineering, yet taking into account stability.
  • We provide you with specific, executable technical implementations
  • We pursue time efficiency and ensure the timeliness of the project.
  • Our engineers provide you with any localized or globalized solutions.

Artificial intelligence use in Financial industry

We are about to launch the brand new "Eagle Brain", which uses various artificial intelligence-based data modeling and data analysis functions to allow you to experience the power of artificial intelligence in the simplest way.

  • Certified by Google and AWS.
  • Powered by proven industry leading technologies
  • Cloud-native development for any scale
  • Privacy and data security always in mind

We deploy cloud-native AI applications on the cloud.

We help organizations to deploy and use automated or managed machine learning applications on AWS to remove the tax on limited human resources. It removes limitations and access to data and machine learning, allowing all stakeholders to access the program and insights.

  • Cloud-native Development and Deployment
  • Elastic and Efficient scaling on the air.
  • Certified and proven stable solutions based on AWS.
  • Available for both AzatAI and third party developed apps.