Learning Zones Theory (Senninger, 2000)

Learning Zones Theory (Senninger, 2000) Learning something new is like embarking on a new journey. You must leave behind what is comfortable and familiar in order to learn and grow. It can be helpful to think about your process for learning through the perspective of three different Learning Zones. The Safe Zone – This is where […]

InterPy – (Intermediate Python) Course 00

About InterPy We have been learning this beautiful language for a long time ( actually that’s not that long…..), it’s time for us to look forward, InterPy!! ( How a beautiful name, Because I named ,hahah) The first part about this course, is just going to be several interesting projects, that help us to recall […]

Use Unix/Linux style terminal on windows 10

Install `Windows Terminal`  from here: Microsoft Store  open Windows Terminal as admin and type `https://github.com/powerline/fonts` to clone the git repo. cd fonts type Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass on the powershell  ./install.ps1 Enjoy

Thinking like a programmer

A large goal of this AzatAI Academy programs is to give you practice thinking like a computer programmer. Longtime programmers will often talk about how the programming thought process has helped them in other areas of their life, but what does it mean to “think like a programmer?” In AzatAI Academy learning programs we will […]

How to setup Raspberry PI4 for CV?

Raspberry PI (would be rpi below) is a super small and sexy “computer”. In AzatAI, we use RPI in many places and for various purpose. In todays post I just wanna focus on the CV part of the RPI application. Setting  up RPI  for CV, However is not an easy task, WE DO NOT AFRAID […]

IDD2 – Dart Data Types

Common data types: Numbers: Int Double Strings (string) String Booleans (Boolean) Bool List (array) In Dart, arrays are list objects, so most people just call them lists Maps (dictionary) In general, Map is a key-value pair related object. Keys and values can be any type of object. Each key appears only once, and a value […]

IDD1- Dart Basic Syntax

Introduction to the Dart programming language entry method Two definitions of the entry method: Defining variables in Dart Dart’s naming rules Dart constant

Introduction to Dart Development (IDD0)

Dart is a client-optimized language for fast apps on any platform. As you all know, The first and second generation QazKaz APP was created by this powerful language and it’s Flutter library. Flutter is awesome, which bases on Dart programming language that was created by “Google Father”. Google created many of good things, flutter(dart) is […]

BBP Part 1.2.0 – Number Systems, String formatting

Number Systems Let’s explore few different number systems that are in use today and see how with simple three rules, we can build any number system we want. For example, Base 10 (Decimal) — Represent any number using 10 digits [0–9] Base 2 (Binary) — Represent any number using 2 digits [0–1] Base 8 (Octal) — […]

BBP part 1.1 – Introduction to TCP/IP

Although everyone is familiar with the Internet now, the emergence of computer networks is much earlier than the Internet. In order to connect to the Internet, computers must stipulate communication protocols. In the early days of computer networks, each vendor specified a set of protocols. IBM, Apple, and Microsoft all had their own network protocols, […]