BBP Part 1.0 – Network Programming

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Since the birth of the Internet, basically all programs are now web applications, and there are very few stand-alone programs.

A computer network connects computers together so that computers on the network can communicate with each other. Network programming is how to communicate between two computers in a program.

For example, when you use a browser to access Azat.AI your computer is connected to a server of AzatAI via the Internet. Then, the server of AzatAI transmits the content of the webpage as data to your computer via the Internet.

Since there may be more than just a browser on your computer, there are Facebook, Skype, Dropbox, mail client, etc. The other computers connected by different programs will be different, so, more precisely, the network communication between two computers is actually between communication on the two processes(Think about human communication). For example, the browser process communicates with a web service process on the AzatAI server, and the WhatsAPP process communicates with a process on a certain server of Facebook.

Network programming is the same for all development languages, and Python is no exception. Network programming in Python is to communicate with the communication port of another server process in the process of the Python program itself.

In this chapter we will detail the concept of Python network programming and the programming of the two most important network types.

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