InterPy – (Intermediate Python) Course 00

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About InterPy

We have been learning this beautiful language for a long time ( actually that’s not that long…..), it’s time for us to look forward, InterPy!! ( How a beautiful name, Because I named ,hahah)

The first part about this course, is just going to be several interesting projects, that help us to recall all the Python knowledges that we have learned before, yes, we will some cool staff among the projects, such as the python’s zip method and advanced list and set methods, such as list comprehension. 

after that, we are going to learn some cool Python 3rd party libraries, how about requests, urllib, beautiful soup and ….

yes, after that, not stopping at all, we are going to learn about NumPy, pandas and matplotlib ( of course something else like PIL) 

I hope you will enjoy the course and make the best of the course materials.



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