Our Child projects

Elab.kz is a leading technology and content provider of hardware innovation and STEM education in Kazakhstan. Elab reovides affordable hardware resources and creative, innovative projects that help you learn by doing and have fun!

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Learn the modern and most demand skills effectively anywhere with any device with Vook or join AzatAI Academy offline courses where you learn with us face to face.

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Are you spending a lot of money on invitation cards? AzatAI will solve your problem there at a discount. If you want to make your holiday invitation card unique and memorable, we recommend you to use our services. We present to you the new services of our Toylike project.

xlink.kz (for Kazakhstan and CIS countries) and xlink.run (for other region) is a hardware and related platform to connect, minitor, analyze and visualize your data safely and stably.

Our Joint projects

Al-Farabi science and technology Park provides a full range of services necessary for the development of the innovative organizations and businesses.

UniSat is a joint educational programme of UNICEF and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Alfasat is a team of students and teachers of al-Farabi Kazakh National University who are engaged in the development of space technologies.